Weekend Ride Saturday April 19

Veloist Ride Notice

Saturday 8 am depart McDonald Woods Forest Preserve on Grass Lake Road

We are planning on 35 - 40 miles to Wilmot and around the area. Steady pace, not too fast just getting back together.

Easter Sunday

We are not planning a group ride on Sunday. Enjoy the time with your family and have a Happy Easter.

Sunday Ride April 6

Sorry I didn’t get to post today’s ride but a few of us had a nice easy spring ride for 36 miles through Antioch via Wilmot.

Sunday 8:30am Road Bikes: McDonald Woods Forest Preserve parking lot. 25 to 35 mile ride depending on participants. Dress warm you can always take things off.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

It’s all about the company.


Well we didn’t go far (me 25, Gary 28 miles).

We didn’t go fast (let’s just say under 2 hours and leave it at that).

We didn’t freeze to death (just my face, still can’t feel it).

But we did have a great time. There is no substitute for riding your bike with a friend.

Hope you can all join us soon.

Weekend Ride Schedule

dirty bastard

I’m sitting here writing this post while sipping a Dirty Bastard with my salty nuts. A perfect combination of much needed carbohydrates and protein for this weekends difficult rides.


My plan, if anyone is fool enough to join me, is to throw a leg over my CX bike (still with CX tires and mud from the fall rides) and roll around Lindenhurst for 90 minutes or so depending on how cold I get. Could be more, most likely less. The good thing is we’ll never be more than 5 miles from our starting point if you need to find the warmth and comfort of your car’s heated seats.

The forecast is crap for Saturday but I can NOT, I will NOT endure another spin class, not possible, can’t happen. I’m done.

Saturday 8:30 am McDonald Wood Forest Preserve parking lot, a slow roller through the wonderland of Lindenhurst. No major roads, just friendly banter and enough movement to generate heat.

Sunday: Repeat Saturday

Both days may end in coffee or pancakes at the Swedish Cafe, my fragile state of mind and my painfully out of shape body might need the love.

Hope to see you there. And if you’re unsure because of bad weather on Saturday morning, text me or play it safe and pull the covers back over your head.

Saturday Ride Inside

Yes, you read that right another day in the Spin Class.

I took what I thought was going to be a happy ride this afternoon and nearly froze. I think one more weekend inside might be called for.

Class starts at 8:45 we’ll be there early, we’ll be warm and working hard. Veloist kit, hopefully the last time.

Hope to see you there.


St. Patrick’s Day Ride

Veloist Ride NoticeGRThis may be the coldest ride you’ll take all year. Or the best because it was the first. If you think you might want to go, talk with Donald he’s planning on going.

St. Patrick’s Day Ride

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Starts at 8am

16, 20 or 36 miles with SAG support

Wauconda High School, 555 N. Main St. Wauconda, IL

Fee:  $10, children under 12 are free

No pre-registration

visit: Wheeling Wheelmen

Contact:  Anna Swietczak, annaswiet@yahoo.com