Weekend Rides March 24-25

Saturday Ride 8AM roll

The weather is looking good let’s hope it stays. See you at the Lindenhurst Health and Fitness in Gurnee. 35-40 moderate, Silver Lake, WI if the weather looks good.

Sunday Ride 8AM roll

This will be an easy start to the season. 25-30 easy. Like last Sunday.

Sunday Ride Review

Another amazing day to get out on your bike. These early warm temps are a gift not to be squandered.

Started on time with six riders for a short roll up Hunt Club to North Avenue (State Line) and back. New members Tim and Jake were sent to the front for some pace making. Smooth and steady, just like we like it.

John Valley couldn’t finish with us, he had to call for the SAG wagon. It looks like his lightweight wheel set couldn’t handle the early punishment John was dishing out. His hub exploded leaving three spokes hanging in the wind. Not rideable. Once John was retired from the group speculation to the real cause of the hub failure turned to conversation around winter weight and one too many slices of pizza. Stressing the lightweight equipment to the max. We may never know the truth.

Early season mega milage junkie Kathy worked on her climbing skills, looking good Kathy.

Hope the weather holds for next weeks rides. See you then. Ride safe.

Saturday Ride Update

The Season Opener

Todays Saturday ride was a great start to the season. With temps in the 70’s and rain threatening from the north west we decided to turn our ride east. Six Veloists rolled up Deep Lake Road and turned east on County V, Q and over to Hunt Club. We jogged over to Dilleys down to Wadsworth west back to Hunt Club. One more loop around and we finished out with a nice 40 mile ride to start the season.

Weekend Rides

Saturday Ride 8AM roll

The weather is looking outstanding, hope to see you at the Lindenhurst Health and Fitness in Gurnee. 35-40 moderate

Sunday Ride 8AM roll

Could we possibly get two great days? It looks good. This will be an easy start to the season. 20-25 easy.

Ride Update

Not the warmest of rides this past weekend but we did manage to get a few miles in on Saturday and Sunday. Braving the winds and the cold the Saturday group put in a hard earned 32 miles and Sunday (a touch warmer and less windy) we gathered up a good 25 miles.

All good work that goes in the mileage bank for the year.

This week is looking stellar! With temps in the 60’s and 70’s look for any opportunity you can to get out and put in a few happy miles.

See you this Saturday and Sunday, watch for posts.

Oh, and the drawing is because it was too damn cold to take a picture but that’s what me, “E” and George saw on Sunday morning.

Ride Safe

Weekend Rides

SATURDAY, MARCH 10 GROUP RIDE 30-35 miles, moderate pace

8am start at Lindenhurst Health and Fitness. Road Bikes

The weather forecast is looking good, sunny, windy 50F. At the start it will be chilly so dress warm and in layers so you can peel. I put hot Green Tea in a thermal water bottle this time of year, love it. Warm water in the other (it will get cold). Back at the lot by 10am if all goes well.

SUNDAY, MARCH 11 GROUP RIDE 20-25 miles, easy pace

8am start at Lindenhurst Health and Fitness. Road Bikes

This is a slower ride, this is where you start to build your base fitness and legs for the summer. Same deal on the weather, dress in layers that you can peel if needed.

Early spring riding is tougher on your mind than your body, you can ride in 40F if you protect yourself from the wind. See you all there.


Ride Today

Thursday, March 1

I’m taking a noon ride today if anyone wants to join, heading north, no more than two hours. Text 312-231-2529 for details or to join me.