Michael Valenti Cycling Art.

Capturing the Iconic Races, Places and Faces of Cycling.

Introducing “Merckx Legend” Cycling Art Print and Legend Print Sets

BOGO! Open Edition Prints | Ends December 10th

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Cycling Artist with a mission.
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The role of an artist, at least in my case, is to create images that become a part of a brands story and history. … Read More

Cycling Equality Limited Edition Screen Print
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Donnelly Cycling supports The Bahati Foundation with Limited Edition Cycling Equality Screen Prints. As part of the Bahati Foundations’ 10th Anniversary celebration, Donnelly Cycling … Read More

Made in Wisconsin | Cycling Art
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I live on the cheese border… for those of you that don’t know where that is, well it’s the northern border of Illinois and … Read More

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