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If you can drive customers to Veloist, you can earn commissions.

Brand Ambassadors of Veloist, retail partners, clubs, charity organizations and you can all join the Veloist Affiliate Sales Referral Program. Start earning commissions right away on sales from customers you drive to from your website.

Connecting is easy.

You create you Referral Account with GoAffPro we create a link to share with you for tracking any customers you send to Veloist.

The customer can be directed to a specific page or just the home page, that works too. When they make a purchase of any Open Edition Cycling Art Prints in a 30 day time period – you get paid a referral fee.

From your GoAffPro dashboard you will be able to keep track of everything.

How do I drive customers?

The Veloist has over 100 Cycling Art Prints created by Michael Valenti. These high quality giclée art prints cover a range of cycling subjects created from the iconic races, places and faces of cycling. Along with images that are more on the everyday fun side of cycling.

You can simply point to the Veloist as an artistic resource your customers may like to know about. Use your social media channels or email, and use any of the images you find on the Veloist as creative content. Your followers and members will love to find new art for their homes, offices and pain caves. But be sure to send them to your website first so you get the Referral Sale.

Specific art for you.

In some cases the Veloist can create art posters that are unique to your brand, club, charity or product. You drive traffic to the art through your website, the Veloist will print and ship it to your customer. We are happy to discuss the possibilities that this offers for your brand.

What’s in it for you?

Increased brand loyalty from your members and followers for one. When you expose your audience to a new product, in this case the Veloist Cycling Art, they will appreciate that you’ve made them aware of something they didn’t know. This helps to reinforce your emotional loyalty connection with your members. And if they make a purchase you receive a percentage of that sales price. And they don’t have to know that part unless you want them too.

What’s in it for Veloist.

I would think it is obvious to say finding ways to drive traffic to a retail website these days is difficult. Working with our GoAffPro Affiliate Sales Referral Program helps do that for us. And beyond the traffic created sales we have a chance to grow our relationships with new followers along with building better relationships in the cycling community.

Don’t wait get in touch now.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. This program can work for large scale relationships or small organizations looking to expand their influence. I look forward to hearing from you.

Michael Valenti — The Veloist

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