Art by the ocean.

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Living north of Chicago and getting through this very long winter has been tough. Luckily I’m heading off to sunny (I hope) Monterey, CA for the IBD Summit and Sea Otter Classic.

The IBD Summit is where some of the bicycle industry’s top retailers get together to network, like a mini-Interbike without the noise of Vegas. I was asked by Sarah Timleck of Emerald Expositions, they produce Interbike and the IBD Summit, to create artwork for use as a program cover and display images at the event.


This is the result.

It only seemed right to put a cyclist under water since part of the summit will take place at the Monterey Aquarium. But most of the IBD Summit will be at the Art Museum of Monterey, I’m looking forward to that. It may be the closest I ever get to hanging in one, so I’ll take pictures.


After the summit is the start of the Sea Otter Classic, now that’s just a big party on wheels.

But maybe the best part of the entire trip will be taking a short bike ride along the Pacific coastline near Pebble Beach with the IBD Summit group. I’ve forgotten how to dress for 65F, I wonder if I’ll need my leg warmers.