Chasing the Peloton

Follow Cycling Artist Michael Valenti as he franticly chases the Pro Peloton’s biggest races and events. He’s equipped only with a brush, a pen and his wild imagination. From all this inspiration Michael creates unique Original Bicycle Art, Bicycle Posters and Limited Edition Bicycle Art Prints.

In the studio and on location Valenti looks for cycling fun you won’t get anywhere else. He does it all while he sips little cups of coffee. If you can take a photo of it, you don’t need Michael Valenti, the cycling artist.

As a former advertising creative art director Michael also works very well with clients in search of promotional art for cycling events.

Learn more about cycling artist Michael Valenti here: Michael Valenti

Flights of Fancy | Original Cycling Art

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It’s all in the process.

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Imagination fuels my pedals.

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Cycling Artist with a mission.

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