Cycling is magical.

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No matter where you live taking a few moments to enjoy the beauty of “today” is essential to your well being.

Cycling on the amazing trails I have nearby is an almost daily reminder of the wonder that nature holds and how lucky I am.

I’ll never be able to fully express how I feel rolling through woods damp with dew. Or watching the sunrise over a misty lake with swans drifting in and out of the fog.

Sunrise on the lake in McDonald's Woods.
Sunrise on the lake in McDonald’s Woods.

But what I can do is tell you what I know, and that is – riding my bike is amazing, magnificent, unbelievable and magical.

Yes, it’s going to get cold–and yes I’ll miss the long hot summer days and the rides on county roads, but that was summer–that was yesterday. And I’m facing forward.

McDonald's Woods trail.
McDonald’s Woods trail.

A good writer friend of mine, Frank Campion would always say “Fall forward”. Wise words of advice in my opinion, look ahead, look to the future and always enjoy the moment you’re in.

Today is magnificent and I’m glad I was on my bike for it.

I plan to do it again tomorrow.


goldenrod grassmike on bridge

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