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21 Days of Cycling Art | Tour de France | 2018


It’s hard to believe that I’m already planning for my second trip to the Tour de France, but it’s true. Just a few short months ago I was drawing and painting my way across the French countryside in a motorhome chasing the peloton – it was an amazing, exhausting and exhilarating adventure that needs to happen again.


Get up and do it again.


Following the success of my first Tour de France it’s only natural to want to do it again. After all I am the Cycling Artist! But you can never repeat things exactly, there needs to be refinements and improvements each time. I need to keep the adventure fresh.

The 2018 Tour de France route will change – so must I. So starting today, as the TdF route is revealed I’ll start my planning for July 2018. My first thought for a change is to spend more time in central locations near the Tour routes. That is, how can I plan the trip so I can spend multiple days in an and around one area. How can I dive deeper into the local history, the people, architecture and the event as an artist looking for a new perspective, a new experience. That’s my challenge, more on that later.

I need your help.


Last year’s trip was very successful as a first trip. It has proven to me that this is something I need to continue to do. I loved it. You loved it. Everyone involved enjoyed the experience.

So this year I’m looking for more people and more ways to share the trip. That means bringing on partners and sponsors that want to use the content and images I create in their social conversations to others. And I could use your help in finding those right relationships.

They say it’s all about who you know. Well, who do you know that might be interested in working with me on this next 2018 Tour de France trip. Who do you know that might benefit from “Following the Cycling Artist” – a hotel chain, a car company, a product manufacturer – there are any number of potential, appropriate sponsors and partners. Maybe they create a contest or a promotion. Maybe I give away some of the drawings. Maybe I do something we haven’t even thought of yet. That’s where you come in.

Any ideas are welcome.


If you have a thought, an idea or any suggestions as to how or who I might be able to partner with I’d love to hear from you. I know I can’t do this alone and your help would be greatly appreciated.

I know together we can make the 21 Days of Cycling Art | Tour de France 2018 bigger and better than last year.

Vive le Tour!

I’d love to hear your ideas: CONTACT MICHAEL


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Michael Valenti is "The Veloist" - He is an avid cyclist and artist known for his Cycling Art work. Each year Michael chases the Pro Peloton at the Tour de France and other major cycling events. He is available for event and corporate cycling related projects as well as personal commissions for art.

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