What drives you to ride?

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There’s a very thin line between our passion for something and an obsession for it. When it comes to cycling I for one don’t care to make the distinction. I say do what you love and love what you do—both feet in.

what drives you

I ride bikes because I love the freedom and friendships the sport gives me. I have two bicycles, one for the road and one for the trails. Does this make me a passionate bicyclist or an obsessive cyclist? Am I a hobbyist or an enthusiast?

However you might label yourself we are all driven to ride for one reason or another and all of them are the right reasons.

Many cyclists ride for the health benefits, both physical and mental. Many crave competition and race. Of course lots of us do charity rides giving us the added bonus of doing something good for others as well as ourselves. I like that one.

And then there’s the touring cyclist filling their need for exploring what’s around the next corner and over the next hill. Along with commuters, mountain bikers, tandem riders, hipsters and BMXer’s to name a few more from and endless list of reasons.

So whatever drives you to ride, own it, love it and share it because there’s no better reason to put on a helmet and throw a leg over a saddle than the one that makes you happiest.

Ride safe. M