Everyone needs a Cycling Friend.

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With so much focus on the sport of cycling, winning races, breaking records, going further, faster and proving it online, I thought it would be a good time to remember how and why you started cycling.

We all learned how to ride from someone. Your mom or dad, maybe a friend, but someone took the time to hold us up and show us how.

They were there on the slow rides down the sidewalk as we wobbled from side to side trying to find our balance. They knew the right time to raise up your training wheels or to remove them all together – and set you free.


Together Framed


Further from home, bolder and braver we need our cycling friends.


A mate or a pal to be there in good times and bad. On the toughest days in the saddle they give us support. Offer us an encouraging word or a little push up the hill. Our riding partners would do anything to help us have fun and stay safe. We’d do it all for them too, friendship is a two way street.


Riding Mates Framed


On the days we ride alone, we are never truly alone.


The little boy or girl that first learned about freedom on a bicycle is always with us. We carry their spirit on every ride. When we learn new things, go new places or just fly down a familiar hill our youthful passion for adventure is always there, aways on our shoulders.

Our love for cycling has always been in the quest for freedom, for flight, for adventure and for finding friends to share it with along the way.

And none of that can be measured on Strava.

Ride safe. Ride with a friend.



Flying High Framed


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