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After years of not picking up the phone to introduce myself I finally did and met David Simmons the Director of Ride Illinois. Why did it take so long? Who knows, I’m not always that smart. But the reason I did finally reach out was to make a new friend. A new friend in Illinois, where I’ve lived and ridden my bike for over thirty-years.

In 2007 when we started the Veloist as a social community, my good friend and partner Gerry Miller said the Veloist has to stand for something more than pretty pictures of bikes. He then wrote “The world is better on a bike.” Truer words have never been written and although I don’t always use those words in my work, they are at the backbone of everything I do at Veloist.

Sixteen-years later.

Fast forward to my call with Mr Simmons and you can see where this is going. Ride Illinois – “Making Illinois Better through biking.” I can get behind that. These are good people doing good things for others. People I should know, people I should work with. Good people you should get to know as well.

So I picked up the phone and “Voila!” now we have Ride Illinois “Abe” Cycling Art Print in the collection. My thought behind the multiple images of Lincoln was to bring a diversity element into the image. Whether it works or not well you be the judge of that. I just hope this is the start of a long and meaningful relationship with my new friends in Illinois.

Ride Illinois – Abe – Giclée Cycling Art Prints


ride illinois abe lincoln cycling art valenti framed


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