I’m a Cycling Event Virgin.

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This is my first time participating at a cycling event where I’m selling my Cycling Art Prints. I guess that makes me kind of an event virgin.

I have a booth set up in the infield as a guest of the Divine Providence Cyclocross Fest. It’s been raining for days thanks to Hurricane Joaquin and I have no idea if anyone is going to show up. Fans that is, I know the racers will show up, rain and mud is a given for most cyclocross events.


Death defying Flyovers under construction.
Death defying Flyovers under construction.


If the wifi works I’ll be able to sell from my website or from what I have with me. Most of the cycling art I brought is CX focused. Along with 26–signed Artist Edition Divine Providence Cyclocross prints and ten of my Original Pen and Ink drawings. I’m also hoping the moms and grandma’s show up with some kids because I brought a limited number of VeloTykes™ prints. Okay, so I’m hoping for a real artsy crowd here in Providence.


My art - even on the event Staff IDs.
My art – even on the event Staff IDs.


But at the moment my hope is we get enough of a break from the downpours that a few thousand spectators come out. Then a light rain drives them into the tented booths (mine) and they buy stuff. Well that’s the plan I have anyway. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ll post more updates as time allows, wish me luck.


The real Temple of Music I used in the Art Print.
The real Temple of Music I used in the Art Print.


PS– did I mention my Booth in next to the Beer Garden! Lucky me.


A fine New England brew.
A fine New England brew I had in a pub.
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