Let’s Go Big Blue!

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If you’re looking for an easy to execute awareness idea for your company this is a great one. Just imagine the media coverage you’ll get if all your employees paint their faces with your company logo.

Football fans of all kinds have been painting their faces for a long time. Even older fans you’d never expect are flying their team colors with pride.

And what is a company if not a team? Don’t you think your employees would want to rock your logo on their face? Just think how much fun the break room would be if everyone painted up for the workday. How exciting would the next “Sales Team” meeting be if everyone showed up in company colors and painted faces. United for the cause!

It works for the NFL, why not you.

So lets go “Big Blue” send someone out for spray paint, cut a stencil and get to work. You’ll have instant brand loyalty that doesn’t wash off.

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