My mac versus a napkin

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I love my mac. I can do almost anything with it. I can pick from thousands of fonts, millions of images and connect to billions of people but with all that it still pales in comparison to a napkin.

A napkin allows for possibilities. It allows for input that is constructive not critical.

A napkin brings my client into the conversation instead of on the other side of the table looking at my mac.

My mac is too good. When I show my work to clients they think it’s done when it’s only the beginning.

A napkin knows better. A napkin understands an idea needs room to grow, to be explored. A napkin is flexible full of promise.

If an idea fits on a napkin it must be simple and simple is the first part of a good idea, something that can be understood in any medium. Even on a napkin.

If an idea fits on a napkin chances are pretty good you don’t have to explain it. I like that part, talk less–listen more.

I think the first year of art school should be taught on napkins.

Obviously what I’m really saying here is the quality of an idea isn’t measured by the quality of the presentation. We should try hard not to lose sight of that as our mac’s get better and better.

So on your next assignment maybe you should hand out some napkins to your junior designers and see what they can do with it. After all if you don’t like what you get back you can always wipe your mouth with it.

My mac can’t do that either.

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