Original Valenti Bicycle Art

All the bicycle art you see here are one of a kind. And many are hanging in someones home.

These are the Original Paintings and Drawings Michael has created as he’s followed his passion for cycling around the globe. Owning an Original Work is a great way to fuel your passion and share your excitement for cycling for years to come.

“I hope every time you walk past your painting it fuels your love for cycling and it makes you smile — if you do, my job is done.”  -Valenti

If you’d like to own a Valenti Original Cycling Art Painting or Drawing for yourself, just follow the drop down menu links to see what work is available.

If you’d like to Commission a Cycling Artwork for yourself. Contact Michael

bicycle art with "Caps" an Original Cycling Art Painting.
bicycle art in france
bicycle art in Roubaix