No place like home.

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I love to travel. I love new places, new people, new food and new experiences.

So while there’s no place like home, a trip to New York is a pretty good second. I took this picture from the airport returning to Chicago.

leaving NYC

My wife and I just celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary with a three day trip to New York.

We stayed at the Lombardy Hotel in Apartment 303, we’re friends with the owner Milt. If you’re ever in New York for business or fun you should consider this apartment, Milt rents it out. The location was perfect at E56th just off Park Avenue you could get anywhere easily, close to shopping, close to shows. Really a great spot. And it doesn’t look like a hotel room because it’s a private apartment that is cared for by the Lombardy Hotel staff. This is a picture of the living room area. Check the website  and send an email to the Owner if you have any questions.

I saw my very first ballet performed by the NYC Ballet Company which I was told was the forward thinking ballet company–not sure I got it, but I tried.

We visited the Guggenheim Museum, which I’ve always wanted to do–it was amazing as anticipated. The permanent collection is filled with Van Gogh, Matisse, Degas and many more – I couldn’t have been happier. And the exhibition showing was called ZERO, great ground breaking German, Dutch and French artists from the late 1950’s. Really cool stuff that still looks good today.


Lunch was around the corner and I ate the best grilled octopus I’ve ever had along with a fresh pasta and basil that was outstanding. I like my pasta.


Deb and I also spent time in the 9/11 Memorial Museum. We arrived in the rain and descended into the museum to pay our respects and give witness to 9/11. A well done and powerfully moving experience. Kind of a heavy way to start our weekend but as we left and came above ground to leave the sun was out and the sky was blue. Our spirits raised.

But like I said in the title of this post “There’s no place like home” and I meant it.

So early this morning, sun shinning, cold winds blowing I put my leg over the saddle and took off on my local trail routes. With all I get to see and experience in my travels, for me, coming home has always been the best part.

And home is where my bike is.

Happy riding. M

Hastings Lake


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