The Queen of the Classics

Paris-Roubaix is such a special day it requires a special print. This is my first adventure into hand coloring prints so that each is unique and one of a kind, while being a part of a series of prints.

Fifteen (15) prints have been made and hand painted, each numbered and signed. The prints are 20×30 inches and have the look of vintage lithography, a style of printing made very popular during the height of the cycling posters era. I can not completely duplicate (yet) lithography printing but this has a similar look of that time period.

This video is just a little look at the work done on each hand colored print.

If you’d like to see more photos of the drawing process use this link – it’s also where you can purchase this very Limited Edition Hand Painted print. HAND COLORED PARIS-ROUBAIX 2019 PRINT

As this is a Limited Edition Print and will run out, I have also made a version available that is Giclée printed in my usual sizes available with this link.


I hope you enjoy this special print, I had fun making it and will have more to follow later in the year.

Artist: Michael Valenti

Signed Print on 20×30 inch 310g Fine Art Watercolor Paper

Signed and numbered by artist Michael Valenti. No additional prints will be made.