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Paris-Roubaix Stones | Valenti Cycling Art Print

You must love the stones!

The cobblestones of Paris-Roubaix have been reeking havoc on riders since 1896. This spring monument leaves no room for the weak. Wet or dry the stones grind down the riders leaving only the strongest of cyclist able to even finish the day. So this year I created my tribute to the hard men and women that make this brutal race one of the most beautiful one day races in the world.

There have been many well known quotes about Paris-Roubaix, I like this one; “Paris-Roubaix is a horrible race to ride but the most beautiful one to win.” – Sean Kelly

But my favorite comes from the great documentary film, Road to Roubaix where Peter Van Petegem was talking about what it takes to win Roubaix and said; “You must love the stones.” Indeed you must.

Artist: Michael Valenti

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