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Town Ride | Cycling Art Print
Town Ride | Cycling Art Print

The world is better on a bike.

When we ride we become part of the environment, part of the landscape. Exposed to the world we experience all the elements, sun, wind, rain, noise, the list is endless.

This one in a series of prints titled – Veloist | The world is better on a bike. I’ll explore many more elements as times goes on. You can purchase them with or without the copy and logo as you like.

It comes in just one size, 18×24 and is printed on the same heavyweight watercolor paper as all my prints. Very nice paper for framing.

Be sure to select if you want the Type version that says “The World is Better on a Bike” with the Veloist logo. Or the no type version.

Artist: Michael Valenti

Size 18×24 inches | 310g Watercolor Paper


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