Fall Series No 7 | Original Cycling Art


The season of color.

In this Fall Series of Cycling Art Paintings I’ve tried to capture some of what I see, and more importantly how I feel. I take rides almost every day and I’m always inspired by the nature I’m riding in. The colors of fall, the low light of the early sun – just stunning most days. Bright contrasting colors screaming at me or deep rich earthy tones, wet, muted values of color as the days get shorter and colder.

It won’t be long before I’m working on a winter series, so enjoy these last days of warmth and wonder.


Original Cycling Art | Unframed | 18×24 inches Watercolor Paper | 12×16 inch image area | Pen with Ink and Acrylic Paints

Artist: Michael Valenti

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Original Cycling Art | Unframed | 18×24 inch paper | 12×18 inch image area | 300g Watercolor Paper | Pen with Ink and Acrylic Paints | Shipped Flat

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