The roads less traveled.

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There have been a lot of different things said about the road less traveled. Things about going your own way and don’t follow the crowd. That you should “zig” when everyone else “zags”. I get that.

I say the road less traveled is littered with potholes but it’s worth your time to take it now and again.



I spend a lot of time in the winter months riding alone and finding my way around the ugly roads in Wisconsin and Illinois. Ugly because of their condition but not their locations. Many of the worst roads I ride are the most interesting and visually stimulating. Picking my way around holes, rocks and downed trees makes my slow winter rides all that much better.



Old barns, barren wind swept corn fields, deer and the occasional coyote crossing my path keep my mind off the cold. I don’t make great time. I do work however, the wind and the soft ground make sure of that.

But mostly, I just enjoy being outside when I ride my bike on those rough roads, the ones lest traveled.



Chasing the Tour de France

I know this summer when I chase the Tour de France for 21 Days I’ll be looking for those roads less traveled. I’ll be looking for the little bits of cycling culture we don’t often get to see on TV. I do hope I find some. And knowing there will be a million other people on my same roads — it may be difficult to get lost, but I’ll try.




21 Days of Cycling Art | TdF

It would be amazing if you can follow me and tell your friends I’ll be posting on Twitter @theveloist, Facebook /theveloist, Instagram @veloist and maybe Strava MichaelVALENTI (mostly so you can see where I am).

Until the next update – be well, and ride safe.


If you’d like more information on participating in sponsorship of the first ever 21 Days of Cycling Art please just drop me a note CONTACT MICHAEL


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