Where does your bike live?

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Functional vs. Aesthetic

Garage? Front hall? Balcony? Basement? Bedroom?

I think I’m like most of you my steel Waterford bike lives in the garage most of the year. During the coldest months there is always a place in the studio but that’s not the norm.

I’ve had bikes hanging from the ceiling. On walls or standing in between cars for years. Until recently aesthetically pleasing storage wasn’t really a priority. A hook on the wall. A spot in the corner.

Now my bike hangs in a place of honor. No candles or anything but I’m working on that. Since I have just the one bike and change out wheel sets to match my riding I don’t need a large space which is why I love this new Bike Wall Mount I got from Loma Living.



Loma Living makes all kinds of cool minimalist home storage solutions from bike racks to wine racks all hand crafted in Philadelphia. I got the Burnside Bike Rack in Maple. On their website they have lots to choose from that would make great gifts for cyclists.

These are pictures of my bike at home. I like the rack because the little top shelf is a handy place to keep my light for early rides to the gym.  While my setup here isn’t as minimal as they might show on the website, it’s real world and it looks great.



Of course my wife asked why I needed such a pretty hand crafted wooden bike rack for the garage. (note; she does not ride bikes, she is a pilates guru) I quickly informed her that


“Functional items need not be ugly, the very simplest of things sometimes are the most beautiful. It’s a zen thing.”


To which she replied I was full of bs, but she really likes it anyway.

So I guess the moral of the story is if you love bikes then treat them well. They work hard for you — the least you can do is supply a really lovely place for them to relax between rides.


And to make my space even nicer I’ve added my first “Legends of Cycling” image printed on thin aluminum with mounting holes above the Loma bike rack. It’s called a “tacker” and I’ll be introducing a series of these products soon so let me know what you think.


If you want to see more stuff from Loma Living just follow the link: Loma Living

If you’re interested in the “Legends of Cycling” tackers, drop me a note:CONTACT MICHAEL

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