Working old-school

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I must say, I’m having a blast lately working on canvas with acrylic paints. I haven’t abandoned my digital ways but I think I needed a break. Spending so much time drawing with a mouse and the endless possibilities to overthink any design – a new medium is just what I needed.

close up

Draw it. Paint it. Scan it. It takes about the same amount of time as I put in on a digital drawing, just more organic. I concept the work the same as before, draw it on paper (my Moleskin) and then re-draw it on the canvas.


This is my taboret and how I mix colors. I use little paper cups and they last forever. Once you coat them with paint inside and it dries, then it’s like a plastic coating. I just keep mixing in them.

This is one of my newest works, it’s not done yet as you can see but I love the idea of a spaghetti arm cyclist. It kinda works for me.

spaghetti wide