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Early Friday morning as I was driving from the airport, I found myself transported back in time. Back to a time when I crashed my bike through the woods of New England where I grew up. I always get a bit nostalgic for NE in the fall when I come home. And driving the wandering, twisting roads lined with stone walls, wooded lots and red barns brings all the good memories flooding back.

But today as the light rain and leaves fall I’m here to watch young hopeful cyclocross racers chase the likes of Katie Compton, Stephen Hyde and Curtis White across the rolling hills and fields of northern Connecticut.

KMC CrossFest – Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

The KMC CrossFest has moved this year from downtown Providence RI to Thompson, CT taking up residence at the Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. This is a great new home for the largest annual cyclocross event in the Northeast. The venue provides ample parking, expo space, team areas, camping and of course challenging courses that will attract top UCI and amateur talent from around the globe.


For three days I watched great racing and drew pictures inspired by the location and racers. Needless to say I had a blast as usual. In my work I look to make connections between what is real and how riders might feel. It’s all about mashing reality, emotion and a little whimsy together for me to create an image.

Over the three days I was able to draw two pictures each day after scouting the area and watching some races. The obvious connection to Thompson Motorsports Park was first on the agenda. Then a Madison race, run ups, and the never ending mounts and dismounts of cross racing. I’m happy to say all of the work I drew on site was sold.


It’s not an easy thing to set up a mobile studio and draw on demand but I must admit I like the challenge and the results are usually good. Being in the field drawing helps me keep the work fresh and connected to the riders. I think I’ll have to keep at this art thing. I like it.



KMC CrossFest Official Event Poster

If you’d like to purchase or see more of the OFFICIAL EVENT POSTER  just click the link!


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