Tour de France 2022 | Bicycle Poster Art

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Le Coq of the bike.

Strutting like the proud rooster he is, will the reigning Tour de France champion Tedej Pogacar do it again? We won’t know until the end of July. But I’d put money on it. Which is part of the reason I painted this image of the very proud Coq – the official bird of France, on a bike of course.

tour de france bicycle art painting

With his feathers tinted in the familiar tri-colors of the French flag the proud coq, stands tall and ready to rule over the roost once again.

Painted with a very loose wet on wet technique I was very happy with the results and turned this Original Watercolor Painting into my 2022 Tour de France Cycling Poster for my collection of over one hundred cycling art prints, posters and paintings.

In addition to the original that became the 2022 Tour de France Poster I’ve painted other versions of the idea that are also available once the Tour de France kicks off. I’ll be posting images every day along with a variety of Tour de France inspired paintings.

Vive le Tour!

2022 Tour de France poster
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Michael Valenti is "The Veloist" - He is an avid cyclist and artist known for his Cycling Art work. Each year Michael chases the Pro Peloton at the Tour de France and other major cycling events. He is available for event and corporate cycling related projects as well as personal commissions for art.

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