community art by valenti

The world is better on a bike.

When the Veloist started as a social cycling club in 2007 my good friend and partner Gerry Miller said you need to stand for something more than art prints and wrote – The world is better on a bike. Truer words have never been written.

To this day these words have always been with me as I create new work even though they haven’t always been at the front of my communications. Well they are now.


It is has always been a part of my work to create images for charity events, groups, organizations and community advocates when possible. Going forward I would like to invest more time in doing more good. It is a goal of the Veloist to be more active in finding and participating with like minded organizations that also believe – The world is better on a bike.

My friends are your friends.

I would encourage you to contact me about your cycling charity events or programs, your clubs or products, maybe working together we can do more than working alone. Now I’m not saying I can do everything for you, but I do know if we don’t speak I can’t help. As the saying goes, my friends are your friends. And if I can’t help you directly then maybe I know someone that can.

The cycling community is small and supporting each other is not only good business, it’s good people.


This is a list of good people doing good work for the world. A list of people I’m proud to have been associated with. A list of people that clearly believe in the words – The world is better on a bike.

Join them and contact me, let’s go for a ride together.

World Bicycle Relief

Duchenne Dash UK

Ride Illinois

Wisconsin Bike Federation

Carten 100

Bublr Bikes

Cancer Journeys Foundation

Contact Michael Valenti